is it just me or

  • SM in 2012: ok for our new boy group we'll put out 24359 teasers and hype it up like its no one's business
  • SM in 2014: fuck it. debut the red cake group

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Wi-Fi 되나요?

Do you have Wi-Fi?


비밀번호가 뭐에요?

What’s the password?

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do you ever think about the judges for the triwizard tournament trying to figure out who to kidnap for the second task

like they’re all just sitting in dumbledore’s office and karkaroff goes “well word on the street says that krum has a crush on that granger girl”

"damn," says dumbledore, "I wanted harry to rescue her. well, what about the delightful miss chang?"

"no," says bagman, "we’ve got her down for diggory"

"stop sinking my ships," says dumbledore


接機前的小小咖啡時光,好喝的摩卡。(by SilverYang) on flickr

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